How Does A Company Expect To Do Business When Finding Basics Like A Direct Company Phone Number/Physical Address Is Next To Impossible?

I’ve been doing my share of hard-knuckle prospecting lately and have noticed that some companies have made it darn next to impossible to identify, much less reach, a decision-maker?

In one case (a software manufacturer) the decision-maker was easily identifiable via LinkedIn, but the company phone numbers (not 800#) took some digging-and when I found it got two options, none which let me talk to a real live voice…I hit “0” FIVE TIMES to get a live voice who not only wouldn’t put me through to at least a voice mail, but told me to send an email to “” …  Of course, the company web site is slicker than all get out

In another case it took 1/2 hour of search time to find the contact name, then about the same to get an email address/phone number (found it on the 4th page of my search when I checked into the domain owner/phone numbers of their web site, which again had no physical address, no non-800 number, no way to leave a VM for management…the good news in this case is that I actually have had a good email correspondence when I tracked her down (I guess she respects anyone who can get through the wall! 🙂 )

In contrast, the old-school industries usually make it very easy to reach key execs down to email addresses/direct lines and photos….To my way of looking at the world (maybe I’m a dinosaur?) I think that a company that makes it that hard to get a good idea to a key decision-maker is also a company that is doomed to fail since they “know it all” and block out the outside world entirely?

On a personal level-I am much less likely to do business with a company that does not post a physical address and real (not 800#) phone number…lack of on a web site gets my “scam” meter up.

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