How We Work


The success of any assignment starts from the initial contact.  We are seeking publishers that are both market leaders and whom we have a philosophical “fit” with, and whom are comfortable with our “short list of happy publishers” approach to doing things.  With that in mind, we have a process we undertake for each publisher that is interested in Target Media Sales, that is beneficial to both parties.  It consists of the following:

  • Before we are hired:  We do a thorough evaluation of your sales problem and in order to do so ask for a lot of background information (territory sales figures over the last 3 years, sales representation history, position of title in market (market share reports),   We use the information, along with a frank discussion of where the market served is going and how well the publication should be performing, to determine if we are a mutual fit.
  • After we are hired:  We send a checklist of what we will need to commence work.  We also put together an “action plan”  for the first 30 days, 90 days and 6 months after we are hired, consisting of a contact schedule of key accounts; plans to travel to see key companies, trade show coverage, and more.